Facebook For Creators App

Facebook For Creators App
This Brand spanking New Facebook For Creators App permits you to do create Stories for and on your business Page, and also place intros and outros to your Live Stream Videos, place your own custom Stickers and Frames, you can even Cross Promo onto your Business Instagram profile and Twitter too.

The Facebook For Creators App is actually the updated version of the past app called Facebook Mentions that launched around 2014, this app was only available to Verified Public Figures and Verified Pages. As of today this app is available to anyone and everyone. I am currently using this app on my Apple iPad, for this to happen, open up the iTunes App store on your iPad and adjust the category from iPad Only to iPhone Only and have it load into your iPad.

Before you jump in the pool, make sure to join the “Facebook Creators Community” and if included you will be able to get early access to new fun features and tools and the latest creator news too.

Get the IOS app – (currently only for iOS devices), Available for Android Systems in the following months.

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