Google Data Breach And Google Plus Shut Down

After a behemoth information data breach by Google, they immediately announced the shutting down of its social network Google+ (Google Plus, Plus Google) on the consumer user end. Google+ admitted never receiving the type of user turnout nor engagement it sought with online users.

Google+ (Google Plus, Plus Google) user sessions usually only last for 5 seconds or less. In lieu of this recent security concern with Google’s API, Google has decided EOL (End Of Life) in the coming months rather than improving its security.

Google uncovered a flaw in Google+’s People APIs that allowed applications to access data from any Google+ profile that was not marked as “public.” This breach includes data such as name, email, occupation, gender, and age. The flaw was fixed back in March 2018, but Google didn’t notify any of its users. Google stated “We made Google+ with privacy in mind and therefore keep this API’s log data for only two weeks,” the company said in their blog, link below. “That means we cannot confirm which users were impacted by this bug.”

Google+ (Google Plus, Plus Google) will remain alive as a system for Enterprise users. Google+ has made the decision that it is better suited as an internal social network for companies than that of a consumer product. Google will announce its new Enterprise focused products for Google+ in the future.

Google Data Breach And Google Plus Shut Down

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