No Apple Button Found, No Problem

No Apple Button Found, No Problem, In a world of buttonless Apple devices, tangled cables, and wifi all around. It’s comforting to know that tiny things like these actually exist.

Ok, I’m going to say this but don’t choke me for saying it but, ever since my Handspring, I have loved my buttons and the reciprocal bounce back click of acknowledgement it would give you was the thing but slowly we have been sliding into the buttonless age of having everything flat and well, now Apple has taken my last button away (minus the volume buttons, those don’t count) and now I need at least the acknowledgement part of tapping something and getting a response back, and as of this moment, I now have it with “Luna Display”

Above, I included a video to what they are doing, the mission to simplify everything, and also a link to their kickstarter page, I do suggest you take a peek at what they are doing and back them in this project.

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