Shopping On Instagram Stories

Shopping On Instagram Stories

This Instagram Shopping Tag feature is about to go into full effect soon, if not by today, hopefully, maybe, Woot!

From what I am understanding, this feature has already been working out in the wild since 2016 (or so…), but only with a small number of partners with products for sale online and since this has been going well, they have received rave reviews over it thus expanding to other areas/markets.

Soon, you will be able to also add your products to your own stories via a teeny tiny shopping bag icon sticker that will, in turn, take you to a more detailed instruction on how to do it. To this day and with 300 Million+ users on Instagram Stories, I know that product managers and admins will find this an extremely useful tool in marketing new products to your followers.

I use Instagram Stories plenty for some of my other accounts with products and I know that this is a Gawd send for admins like myself, seeking a better, if not, additional way to ring in sales via social media.

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